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Italiano Vero

The ItalianoVero dream was created in our minds many years ago, a dream that transmitted the color and flavors of the original Italian lifestyle to all people around the world.

Because it was an exciting, entertaining culture and at the same time simple but popular, we wished to share it with others. Those who live in Italy but their busy daily routines may have kept them away from the pleasures and tastes of life, or those who do not have the experience of living in Italy but are full of life. The first step to reach this dream was to establish an expert and experienced team to create the ItalianoVero brand with the motto Pure Italian Taste. The study and knowledge of the ancient cultural symbols of this land, especially coffee, ice cream and pasta, each of which are widely included in the rich Italian cultural heritage, was our next step.

What is important today for ItalianoVero is to maintain its quality, keep pace with the changes and ensure our friends’ satisfaction and happiness.